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Our Isagenix products are produced from the highest quality raw materials available. 

The proteins used in these products are acquired from free-grazing dairy cows on small family farms in New Zealand.  The cows are raised in the pasture and are never given artificial hormones.   Organic ingredients are used in all products whenever available.  GMO ingredients are avoided and the company actively seeks out reputable suppliers.  Minimal amounts of preservatives are used in  the liquid forms of the Cleanse and Ionix products, but they are available in powder without any preservatives.  There are no “fillers” in any of the products.

Before raw materials are used in the Isagenix products, they are tested for safety – identity, purity, strength, composition, fingerprint, heavy metals, microbial activity and pesticides.  Isagenix quality sandards are well above the standards of many other dietary supplement manufacturers. 
Isagenix products are classified as foods and dietary supplements, not drugs, so they cannot be patented.  Proprietary blends may use a patented ingredient to protect our formulas from becoming competitor “knock offs”.  

After full testing of the ingredients, Isagenix allows the finished products to be manufactured.  They are only produced in facilities that meet and exceed Good Manufacturing Practices as defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are regularly audited by third-party qualified organizations. As if that wasn’t enough, the company goes the extra mile. To make sure that products are effective, Isagenix is one of the only companies in the world that has a surveillance program that has finished products re-inspected and re-analyzed.


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